Amy Trail

  • 11:00am / April, 9th 2017
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    Songwriter Stage at the LSM Arsenal

What makes a New Orleanian? Being born here? Living here for a certain amount of time? Surviving Katrina? Maybe it’s some of these things, maybe it’s none of these things. What if being a “true” New Orleanian is simply the desire to want to be here and the willingness to deal with all of the respective challenges that go along with living in New Orleans. If that’s the qualification we’re using, then Amy Trail is a true blue New Orleanian.

Singer-songwriter Amy Trail, moved in 2001 to New Orleans from the bucolic canyons of Idaho to pursue a degree in Jazz studies from the University of New Orleans. Relocating from the very white, conservative and boring town of Jerome, Idaho, (pop. 7000) to the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans was quite a culture shock for Ms. Trail. It didn’t take long for Amy to find her groove, however, figuratively and musically. During her first semester Amy was awarded the prestigious full-ride Basin Street scholarship.

After receiving her scholarly tutelage, Amy was eager to receive a real world education in the beau macabre world of the French Quarter. Amy took on a position at the oldest continuously operating music club in New Orleans, the notorious Pat O’Brien’s piano bar. Nothing in her formal education could have prepared her for the piano bar world. Tramps, trannies, tourists and everything in between make up the framework of seedy French Quarter. Anything and everything goes and it usually does.

The beauty of this particular musical gig is the sheer volume of songs that the performers are required to learn. Piano bar patrons can ask for any song from Bach to Britney and the performers try to accommodate any and all requests. Exploring the American pop songbook has given her inspirational fodder and has certainly enriched Amy’s songwriting.

In addition to her career as a lounge singer, Amy has continuously maintained a full original band since the age of 16. Amy has recorded 4 albums and is currently in the process of recording her fifth. Amy has played all over New Orleans with her band and has been showcased on “Louisiana Jukebox” and “Dew Drop Inn.” She has showcased at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage and French Quarter music festivals. As singer and pianist, Amy mixes thoughtful songwriting with the beating heart of her band and tops it off with a searing vocal that is “by turns soulful, sensual and powerful”
(Ben Rogers “Where Y’at” magazine).