Fredy Omar con su Banda

  • 2:00pm / April, 10th 2015
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    GE Capital/New Orleans Tech Big River Stage

Fredy Omar was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on April 15, 1970. From the age of eight, he worked in his grandfather’s bakery before and after school. It was there, as he mixed and shaped the dough while singing along with the radio, that he dreamed of becoming a singer – an ambition that was ridiculed by his hard working family. But Fredy persevered. He became lead vocalist of his school’s choir and recorded two 45’s that quickly rose to the top of the playlist on the local stations. Victor Donaire, composer and Oti award winner, was enchanted by Fredy’s voice and asked him to record a song he had written for a national contest to select the theme song for a popular television program. They won and the song is still used today as the theme for Campionismos. In 1987, he recorded two songs on Victor Donaire’s album, “Soy Como Soy”.