Dancing at Dusk with the Tom Saunders and the Tomcats

  • 6:00pm / April, 9th 2017
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PRESENTED BY Harry’s Corner

The Tomcats were originally formed in 2006 by Tony Zotta and Vincent Dee. Initially inspired by a common love and respect for the old jazz standards of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, they began assembling a very talented cadre of musicians from many walks of the music life to work on perfecting that genre. The Tomcats have since evolved into a top-shelf five-piece dance band, playing everyone’s favorite R&B, funk, pop and Motown hits from the ’60s and ’70s, along with covers of dozens of radio hits through the decades. The jazz standards are still very much a part of their repertoire: during dinner, you may hear the soothing sounds of Michael Búble or Nat King Cole, but when it’s time to get people on the dance floor, the band will crank it up and play anything from Otis Redding to Maroon 5.

What sets The Tomcats apart are their vocal capabilities. While Tony fronts the band, Vincent, Dane and Jack often do lead vocals and all of the band members sing harmony vocals, often in three- or four-part. It’s rare to see a vocally-adept band these days, and The Tomcats pride themselves on their precision and sound.

The Tomcats are seasoned professionals who have played at venues around the world, with music superstars from Brenda Lee to Dave Mathews to Duran Duran. They’ve played gubernatorial balls, church fundraisers, five-star resorts, weddings and every imaginable kind of private party.