New Orleans Moonshiners

  • 12:30pm / April, 8th 2017
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    Zapp's Stage

Preserving the traditions of New Orleans music since 2008, The Moonshiners play everything from Louis Armstrong and jELLY Roll Morton to Fats Domino and Huey Piano Smith. The band formed in early 2008 with the goal of helping to preserve traditional jazz-post Katrina among a new generation of citizens. They began the journey at the world0famous and now defunct Donna’s bar and grill, where they held court every Friday. It was there that they learned the art of performing a live show and engaging their audience in what is quickly becoming an endangered musical form.

New Orleans native, Chris Edmunds, The Moonshiners’ banjo player and bandleader, wanted to keep the music fresh, however. He and other band members began writing original songs to include in the mix such as, “I Wish I H ad Two of You” and “Uptown Ditty”. The New Orleans Moonshiners soon became fixtures with regular gigs at venues all over town.

Their latest release “Frenchmen St. Parade” was voted “Best Traditional Jazz Album of 2011” by the readers of Offbeat Magazine. Their 2010 release “I’m Comin’ Home” was also nominated. A favorite of the swing dancing community, The Moonshiners most recently performed in NYC at Lincoln Center’s “Midsummer Night Swing.” The Moonshiners are also a local favorite on New Orleans’ favorite radio station, WWOZ, where you can here their music played on a regular basis. Young or old, everyone agrees: The Moonshiners’ energy is contagious, and the grooves are irresistible.