Doc Houlind Revival All Stars (Denmark)

<br>The orchestra consists of young and old musicians including a few previous PAPA BUE people with a common interest in the early improvisoriske music, New Orleans jazz, as the example. was presented by the major American orchestras, which helped to create revival jazz period, there was jazz boom of the 60s and 70s in Europe.
<br>This applies in particular to Kid Ory’s and Louis Armstrong Bands, which inspired more solo performances and so especially George Lewis bands with great ensemble playing in the form of rhythmic tailgate trombone playing intertwined with clarinet jumping from height to depth around the melodic dynamic trumpet playing. Finally, the band found the ideal formation for such interaction.
In 2004 changed Doc Houlind from drums to trumpet in an attempt to create an orchestra for the above ideals and trumpet inspiration mainly from Bunk, Howard and Louis Armstrong, and where everyone in the orchestra without exception have the same attitude and musical perception and which could provide New Orleans jazz music in unique high class.