Fats Jazz Cats (Germany)

  • 1:30pm / April, 13th 2014
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    International Stage at Dutch Alley


We play jazz in order to support the rebuilding of the Afro-American neighbourhoods of
New Orleans Louisiana. We play regularly at the Talbahnhof-Eschweiler Bistro (Germany) for the series SPIRIT OF NEW ORLEANS.

After Hurricane Katrina, this band together with others like the Dutch Hurricane Brassband, the German Maryland JB, together with Nico Gilliet & Luca Martinelli from Jazz Ascona and with Lillian Boutt from New Orleans have set up a support system for the beaten cradle of Jazz.

This ensemble plays Jazz Classics as well as Greg’s and Fats compositions that focus on the connection between Personal Growth, Music & Literature. Fats Jazz Cats likewise play for conventions, personal meetings and regular occasions.