John Lisi and Delta Funk

Stephen Stills once said that the “one thing blues ain’t, is funny.” Obviously Mr. Stills has never sat in on an evening with John Lisi who, along with his band Delta Funk!, has made a career of turning the pitfalls of everyday life into funky-bluesy-body-shakin’ music that just makes a person feel better. Hailed as of the the best guitarists in Louisiana by Offbeat magazing-quite a compliment in a state known for its musicians-John marries his sometimes humorous, sometimes serious lyrics with a guitar that can cry the blues one minute and break out the funk the next.

Originally from New Jersey, John began writing songs before he could play his first chord on a guitar. But it wasn’t until he first saw a replay of Woodstock that the direction of his life became charted. He watched in awe as Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend and Alvin Lee wailed on their guitars. Already proficient on the trumpet, the young musician knew then that he wanted to plug in and jam.