The New Orleans Nightingales Revue

The New Orleans Nightingales Revue is a showcase of the best and brightest female singers New Orleans has to offer. Steeped in the musical traditions of early American music, the ladies of the New Orleans Nightingales bring new life to the hundred year old art form through new compositions, vibrant live performances and a commitment to the idea that tradtional jazz and folk music is still evolving.

Founded in 2012 by Ingrid Lucia, The New Orleans Nightingales are a group of women committed to bringing a focus to quality, female-led musical projects in the New Orleans area. They released an album of original songs, written by 19 different women from various musical genres. Although the focus of the group is heavy on jazz and swing music, the album includes artists in r & b, country and blues as well. In 2013, The Nightingales continue to expand on their goals and hope to reach a point where more of the talented, musical women in the Crescent City can be represented.

Viva la woman!