Susan Cowsill

  • 4:00pm / April, 7th 2017
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    Tropical Isle Hand Grenade Stage

Susan Cowsill first entered the pop-culture consciousness at the age of eight, as the youngest member of the ’60s musical family the Cowsills, who graced the AM airwaves with such enduring pop hits as “Hair” and “The Rain, the Park and Other Things,” and who were the real-life inspiration for TV’s Partridge Family. In adulthood, she’s emerged as a singer-songwriter of singular emotional insight and musical resonance, first as a key member of beloved alt-roots-pop supergroup the Continental Drifters and more recently on her widely acclaimed second solo album Lighthouse.

Susan Cowsill has also lent her voice to albums by Dwight Twilley, Giant Sand, the Smithereens, Carlene Carter, Nanci Griffith, Redd Kross, Jules Shear and Hootie and the Blowfish. She was the first artist to cover a song by future cult legend and current comeback star Sixto Rodriguez, releasing her version of his “Think of You” as a solo single on Warner Bros. Records in 1977. She also recently teamed with fellow troubadours Jon Dee Graham and Freedy Johnston as the Hobart Brothers & Lil’ Sis Hobart on the critically lauded album At Least We Have Each Other. In August 2014, after playing together for more than 20 years, Cowsill and Peterson released their first album as The Psycho Sisters, entitled Up on the Chair, Beatrice.