Robin Barnes

  • 4:00pm / April, 8th 2017
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    Tropical Isle Hand Grenade Stage

Soulful, energetic and captivating…

Named “New Orleans’ songbird” by, Robin Barnes captivates her audience with her unique renditions of songs and her powerful voice that ranges with each verse of each song to keep listeners wondering how she’s going to make the songs her own. Her singing style, inspired by different musical genres, often moves from jazz to blues to soul and sometimes changes the genre of a modern song into a more bluesy and sultry piece to make a cover her own, as exemplified in her rendition of Kanye West’s “Heartless.”

The edgy-Jazz singer attributes her passion and inspiration to the city of New Orleans as well, and incorporates the sounds of the illustrious city within each song. From a young age, the singer-songwriter used music to bond with her older siblings and parents while singing with their band The Soul Heirs, and was a featured artist at Peaches Records and the “Where Y’at Best of the Big Easy” party. Most recently, she has been performing consistently at the Windsor Court Hotel.