Blues Masters featuring "Big Al" Carson

  • 11:00am / April, 9th 2015
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    Tropical Isle Hand Grenade Stage

Alton ‘BIG AL’ Carson. New Orleans native and icon, blues singer extraordinaire, last of the great traditional New Orleans musicians still performing on Bourbon Street, drawing fans to the Funky Pirate from all over the country and the world. His singing is sublime, lyrical and raucous, his personality exuberant, engaging and loving. There is no one anywhere like him. Trained in traditional music from his early teens, he was celebrated for playing tuba in parades and second line for many years-even while he headlined his own band as singer and songwriter at various local clubs, including the legendary Fourth Edition.

Alton “Big Al” Carson (born October 2, 1953) is an American blues and jazz singer from New Orleans, Louisiana.

As of 2006, Carson currently appears with his band, the Bluemasters, at the Funky Pirate on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, several nights a week. He also performs irregularly with other bands.

Carson formerly played tuba in addition to singing, having performed and recorded with a number of brass bands and jazz bands in the city.

In 1994, Carson traveled through Europe on a New Orleans Music tour, where he performed for the Dutch royal family. The tour also featured Aaron Neville, and Ernie K-Doe.