Paul Sanchez & Minimum Rage

  • 12:30pm / April, 11th 2014
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    GE Capital/New Orleans Tech Big River Stage

Much of Sanchez’s past three years has been consumed with writing and recording a musical about New Orleans based on “Nine Lives,” a book by former New Yorker writer Dan Baum. Sanchez’s friend, the Los Angeles-based lyricist Colman deKay, had recommended he read it.

“I read the book, and I loved it,” Sanchez says. So he and deKay started writing songs based on the nine real-life New Orleanians Baum profiled. They recorded a few songs, then the musicians they recruited got involved, adding their own songs and improvising on the fly at the studio. Songs written by Shamarr Allen and Matt Perrine and songs co-written with Michael Cerveris, John Boutte, Irma Thomas and more.

“It wasn’t about any one writer or person,” Sanchez says. “It was about all of us, because that’s what it took to make New Orleans over again. The more the piece became about community, the more I think it captured the spirit of the book.” NIne Lives was released on January 24th 2012.

Paul Sanchez and The Rolling Road Show — Reclamation Of The Pie-Eyed Piper featuring Alex Mcmurray, Shamarr Allen, Craig Klein, Sonia Tetlow, Debbie Davis, Arsene Delay, Matt Perrine, Eric Bolivar and the legendary Washboard Chaz.

Meantime, Sanchez performs at Chickie Wah Wah and other venues around the city and he’s continued to embrace the changing city.

Sanchez knows another scene will arise, another era will begin. “It won’t be mine anymore,” he says, “it will be the young people’s. And I’ll be glad for it.”

Paul appears as himself in season one and two of the HBO series Treme. He has released six CDs since the flood.

He resides in Treme and still lives, sings and breathes New Orleans.