Daria and the Hip Drops

Most frequently compared to Lily Allen, or an unexpected blend of No Doubt colliding with Regina Spektor, Daria & The Hip Drops win over listeners with every performance and recording. The group got their start recording Daria’s first solo album “Calliope” in 2010, and has continued to grow under the name of the full band, Daria & The Hip Drops, consisting of teamwork between singer, steel pannist, and keyboardist Daria Dzurik and producer Graham Robinson, and a collaboration of other artists that provide backing grooves. Although the group has its roots in upbeat indie pop and rock, influences are wide with steel drums and Caribbean influences, heavy funk bass lines, and the occasional electro-synth sample. Artists and bands like Santigold, The Talking Heads, and Toots & The Maytals have present influences in the band’s sound, as well as the music and culture from the southeast region of the United States, from New Orleans to Miami.

The Hip Drops are a flexible machine that can go from a duo to a backing band of 5 with a flash mob of dancers at live performances. The band derived its name from a song and dance “Hip Drop” by The Explosions, a New Orleans funk band from the 60’s. The songs put together by Daria & The Hip Drops have been sculpted to bring out certain music elements, whether it be harmonies or rhythms, with a blend of genres of music. “I try to vary how I start to write a song…some days I like the element of melody to be my focus, and then on another day I’ll switch and try to create a different song just based off a rhythmic pattern or a harmonic progression. It keeps songwriting interesting” says the lead singer. Subject matter of songs from Daria & The Hip Drops can range from Daria singing about the intricacies of relationships to the simplicity of just dancing. With this band, there’s something for everyone.