Riccardo Crespo and Sol Brasil

Riccardo Crespo was born in Porto Alegre City of South Brazil. His love of music began singing at an early age inspired by his Uncle Renato who used to sing and play guitar for family and friends gathered for traditional Brazilian barbeques in his farm. His first independent CD, “Riccardo Crespo”, was released in Brasil in 1995 to great musical acclaim. With professional success both in Brazil and Europe, Riccardo was anxious to extend his musical accomplishments to U.S. Crespo has recorded and released 3 CDs in New Orleans: “Do Rio Camaqua ao Rio Mississippi” in 2000, “Milonga of New Orleans” in 2008, and “Madrugada em New Orleans” in 2012.

Riccardo’s music is weaves a tapestry of his life. His distinctive style is a rich blend of Musica Popular Brasileira fused with elements of Folk, Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, all with New Orleans flavor. Singing in Portuguese, his native language, Riccardo’s music and lyrics need no translation. His gentle melodies and passionate delivery transcend all cultural barriers.