Tricia Boutté & Bootleg Operation

Hailing from the world-renowned Boutte family right here in New Orleans, Tricia Boutte was destined to build a special career with her remarkable voice and unparalleled stage presence. At age 5, competing against adults in a local talent show, George Benson awarded her second prize after bringing down the house with Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly. Her mother, Lolet, remembers clearly “the day the Diva was born” as 5 year-old Tricia demanded a piano be rolled onto stage so she could perform like Roberta performed (the fact that Tricia had yet to learn to play piano was irrelevant!)

Teedy will move you inter-dimensionally with powerfully rich and textured vocals, from the sexy-kinky Afrodisiac Geek to the rockstar solo-love of Self-Promotion to the achingly bittersweet heartbreak of Live to Love to the powerful and randomly poignant “Greatest Love of All-esque “Life Ain’t Luck” so go put on a sweater and do it yo’ damn self… Teedy has been a musician from the womb – go on, ask her momma – being a Boutte means three things, at least: 1. you’re a born artist, 2. you can cook your tail off, 3. you can talk smack faster, louder, and better than anybody else but another Boutte”. Her musical and artistic family fostered a strength and knowledge of self that had her singing professionally at 6, battling cancer at 19, and spending the rest of her life touring internationally – writing and singing jazz, gospel, blues, and everything else as she captivates EVERYONE with her presence, her versatility, and her unbelievable voice. She’s played with Dr. John, Public Enemy, D’Angelo, Deacon John, and a host of others… put her name in your search engine… you’ll be reading for days.