Alexis and the Samurai

  • 12:30pm / April, 7th 2017
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    WWL's Esplanade in the Shade Stage

It’s fitting you might have caught a glimpse of Alexis & the Samurai’s members Alexis Marceaux and Sam Craft on Treme, HBO’s pantheon to New Orleans musicians. The soulful, young artists are lifelong New Orleanians, with credentials that best that of the cast. Exiled after having lost everything in hurricane Katrina, Alexis has spent the last several years returning home and building up a career from scratch. The meantime has been hard-fought but fruitful. Alexis & the Samurai’s ubiquity is due to skyrocket through Alexis’ performances on The Voice, a primetime phenomenon with weekly viewership in the millions. The duo plans to capitalize on the exposure by taking their multi-instrumental spectacle (strings, guitars, keys, foot percussion, vocal harmonies, often all at once) on the road, as well as by working on a new EP, set for release this winter.