The New Orleans Po'Boys

  • 4:30pm / April, 8th 2017
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    Zapp's Stage

Rick arrived in New Orleans in 1982, after attending Berklee College of Music. He quickly fell into good company and was adopted as the first call sideman in town. As a freelance trombonist Rick has enjoyed featured performances with all walks of the local music life, and has proved Rick to be versatile and at ease with contemporary and traditional jazz, blues, reggae, big bands, show music, avante garde, and club dates.

The New Orleans Po-Boys are reminiscent of the renowned “George Girard and his New Orleans Five” that lit up Bourbon St. as a regular fixture in the 1950s at the Famous Door. The Po-Boys’ repertoire of both familiar and obscure New Orleans music is presented in a fiery and often humorous style. The virtuosity of each of the six members of the group yields an unsurpassed ensemble blend, creative instrumental solos, and a wonderful contrast of vocal styles from the three vocalists in the group. If you’re hungry for great New Orleans jazz, the Po-Boys are as good as it gets!