Tommy Malone

Tommy Malone is not only one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, he’s a superb guitarist and a magnificent vocalist who animates every corner of his compositions.

Malone, like so many legendary Louisiana musicians, grew up in a family of players who exposed him to every type of American roots music as well as the innovations of British rockers who turned classic R&B, blues and country music into gold. Over the past 40 years Malone has been at the center of some of the most storied and often star-crossed bands in Louisiana history, beginning with the family band formed with two of his brothers, Dustwoofie. Malone fronted the Cartoons opposite the infamously great R&B blues vocalist Becky Kury. He then backed another notorious New Orleans soul diva, Leigh “L’il Queenie” Harris. Malone went on to help develop the eccentric songwriters’ collective the Continental Drifters before becoming a charter member of the still-beloved subdudes. Along the way he played in the well regarded one-off groups Tiny Town and Monkey Ranch as well as in a duo with his older brother Dave from the Radiators, the Malone Brothers.