Gypsy Elise

  • 12:00pm / April, 7th 2017
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    House of Blues Stage in the Voodoo Garden

She is the rarest form of vocalist, a beautiful female contralto! With her 4 octave range, and silken throaty lower range, often, Milady Gypsy is mistaken for a male vocalist. That is until you see her… then it’s crystal clear. Gypsy Elise is a talented, sensual woman, a force, a super-charged rose to be reckoned with! Her husband and keyboardist have been performing music together for nearly 5 years, and have a young son that is already singing like Mama Gypsy and learning the piano and trumpet like Dada Ryan. This silken throated singer is a proud wife and mother of 2 beautiful children, and is a grandmother to boot! She has been called the hardest working singer in New Orleans, and it reflects in her work ethic.
Refining her vocals and assuming her position as troubadour, Gypsy Elise, with the aid of her Royal Blues, vividly captures the mysterious chambers of human emotion when reciting a torch or blues ballad. Together their sound recalls Gypsy’s transient kindred with a whimsical bohemian, yet mesmerizing sensual mash-up of blues, R&B, jazz, rock, and funk. Their repertoire ranged from soft, dulcet melodies to psychedelic powered rock, but invariably provokes a teeming crowd from tears to twinkle-toes. – Haley Hemenway Sledge, Ogden Museum of Southern Arts, Intern/ With Edward Rio, Publicist