Brandon Moreau and His Cajungrass

Brandon Moreau has been Playing Traditional music for almost 20 years now. He has played with many Cajun, Zydeco and Country Bands over the years, and has been all over the US and Canada on touring with these bands. When he moved to New Orleans in 2010 and started playing on bourbon Street with the Cajun Band 5 nights a week, he decided to bring back his old love of Bluegrass and Honky-tonk music. Adding a song or two here and there to every show. After a while he asked to play two shows a week in the club doing a mix of Bluegrass and Cajun with some Honky-tonk. So it began and stuck, jokingly his Drummer called his Music CAJUNGRASS. But Brandon liked the name and the sound of this none Traditional Cajun or bluegrass music. He began adding more bluegrass, Then old Country, then gospel and Cajun to the mix and formed the Band Know as CAJUNGRASS. A new mix of music Traditional music with old soul and heart.