Louisiana Funky Butts Brass Band (Germany)

  • 2:15pm / April, 8th 2017
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    French Market International Stage

Six wind players and 2 drummers, play wildly through all genre boundaries. Pumpin ‘, Groovin’, Rockin,. The swinging, the rocking, the jazz, the funktween all styles.Spieling succeeds them a flying change between Afrobeats, Latin Grooves, French Pop, Southern Rock, Cajun, clubounds and traditional 2nd-line jazz .. With joke, bite and The Marching Brass Band sings and raises the polyglot of Machismo and Konsumpsychoterror, love trouble and amour foutu, stupidity and politics. Pure music, without structural enhancers and taste enhancers, widely traveled and live from Stuttgart to Berlin, from Tübingen to Pedrosavodsk.