Kenneth Terry Jazz Band

  • 11:00am / April, 8th 2017
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    Zapp's Stage

Born in New Orleans, Kenneth became a fan of the trumpet at the young age of 7. At 10, he became the protegé of legendary jazz musician Milton Batiste. Mr. Batiste taught Kenneth many lessons about jazz, music and its history, one of the first of which was to listen and analyze the music before playing. After a session of discussing the song, its meaning and why it was written, the two would pull out their horns and begin to play.

As an astute student of traditional jazz music, Kenneth has perfected the craft of fusing this genre with hip hop, R&B, country and contemporary jazz. Kenneth’s music remains popular due to his ability to blend the elements of today’s music with his strong foundation of traditional jazz, which appeals to fans of multiple genres of music.

As an ambassador of the traditional heritage of jazz bands, Kenneth feels that the gift of music is one that should be shared with others. This belief led him to give free lessons to youth of the New Orleans area who share his passion for music. Terry’s expertise has spawned many your jazz bands.