Keep the Fest Free!

Click here! French Quarter Festival 2015 Volunteer Registration is NOW OPEN!!

Volunteers make our Free Festival possible!
Volunteering with French Quarter Festivals, Inc. is a great way to meet new people, have fun and support the heritage of New Orleans.

There is a job for every interest at our Festivals, see below for our Volunteer Job Descriptions. Already know which area you want to volunteer? Click here to see the opportunities available on the Volunteer Schedule.

If you have questions or concerns, or are interested in pre-festival or post-festival volunteer opportunities, please email

If you would like more information about upcoming volunteer opportunities please sign up for E-letter mailing list at the top of the page.

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Volunteer Job Descriptions

If you are interested in Pre-Festival or Post-Festival volunteer opportunities, please email

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Volunteer Requirements

  • All volunteers must be 16 years and older.
  • All volunteers will be required to sign a waiver online or upon check-in.
  • All volunteers serving alcohol must be 21 or older and will be required to read & sign the LA Responsible Alcohol Vendor Handbook. (Please read this by clicking here.)
  • All volunteers must abide by the Volunteer Guidelines. (Please review them by clicking here.)

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Volunteer Maps

River-Audubon Plaza




Jax Lot and Natchez Wharf

Jackson Square

US Mint

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Volunteer Parking Details

French Quarter Festivals, Inc. does its best to provide volunteers with parking options. All parking opportunities and details will be posted here as they are secured.

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Volunteer Check-In

  • Volunteers working the first shift(s) of the day should check in NO MORE than 45 minutes prior to their shift.
  • Volunteers working the LAST shift of the day may check in up to 1.5 hours prior to their shift in order to obtain food before their shift start time.

Please note that volunteer shifts for different areas will check-in at different locations. Please review your shift and check the list below to ensure you are checking in at the correct location.

If your volunteer shift is a JAX LOT, JAX SQUARE or RIVER shift:

  • Volunteer Check-in for shifts at JAX LOT, JAX SQUARE or the RIVER will be located in the Volunteer Check-in Tent in the JAX LOT festival area. (Should this information change, all volunteers will be notified.)

If your volunteer shift is a MINT shift:

  • Volunteer Check-in for all shifts at the MINT will be located in the Volunteer Check-in Tent on the grounds of the US MINT. (Should this information change, all volunteers will be notified.)

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Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one shift (of up to 5 hours) and will receive:

  • A limited edition collectible volunteer t-shirt, to be worn while volunteering.
  • Food tickets for each volunteer, who works a complete shift.
  • Loads of appreciation from the community & Festival Staff and the satisfaction of a job well done!

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Tutorial Videos

Ready to sign-up to be a French Quarter Festival Volunteer?
These tutorial videos will teach you the steps if you need help.

If you have questions or concerns about volunteering or your registration status please contact

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Volunteer Groups

Want to volunteer with your group?
We love volunteer teams! If you’d like to bring a group to volunteer, please create a group name. Once you register and sign-in you will be able to sign up your team (using their email addresses).

Group slots fill quickly, so the earlier you sign up the better!

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Volunteer Sign-Up

If you are ready to sign-up please visit the Volunteer Calendar and select your shift or start your registration.

Unable to volunteer this year?
Sign up for our E-Letter to receive information about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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