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Did You Know?

Research shows that access to arts & cultural programming improves lives and shapes communities.

Did You Know?

FQFI produces free events so that everyone, regardless of economic status, can experience the power of art.


Research shows that cities and neighborhoods with accessible arts & cultural programming have better health, security,  and all-around higher quality of life.  FQFI is committed to keeping our arts & cultural events accessible by not charging an admission fee. Revenue generated via beverage sales and sponsorships are vital to our model, but they cannot keep pace with rising costs. We rely on the generous support of individuals who believe in the value of our unique culture and the power of the community it creates. For 40 years French Quarter Festival has welcomed everyone to experience the best New Orleans has to offer. Help us keep it that way; please donate today!

“For more than three decades French Quarter Fest has uniquely blended New Orleans music and culture to promote artists like me to fans worldwide. My band, The Treme Funktet, is grateful for their support and dedication.”

Corey Henry

Local Musician, The Treme Funktet